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Husky dog form characteristics

Husky body and weight

As one of the sled dogs along with Alaska, Sammoyed, Husky has very thick and long fur. Many uninformed people often confuse Husky and Alaska dog because the shape looks quite similar. However, a closer look will show the Husky has a smaller body. Specifically, the male height is from 53 – 58cm, weighs from 20 – 27kg, and the female is from 51 – 56cm tall, weighs from 16 – 23kg. Husky face looks more fierce than Alaska and the hair is also shorter so alaska looks twice as big or even 3 times longer than husky.

The eye color of the Husky dog

The husky eyes are almond shaped slightly slanted and set well apart. Looking into their eyes gave off a wild, cold look like wild wolves.

Husky’s eye color is very diverse, the most common are brown, blue, amber, green, light green, brown … Even many have 2 eyes of 2 colors or have many eyes. The blend of half green and half brown looks very special.

Husky dog ​​fur

Husky fur is made up of 2 very thick layers because of their origin from the harsh cold land. The inner coat is light, thick and fluffy, while the outer coat is longer, stiffer and more straight. The outer coat can have two colors, so when looking at them can see 1 area of ​​fur changes from white to black and then white. Each year, the husky’s inner hair will shed twice and replace his new coat.

The coat not only represents beauty, but also affects the husky’s health, so the owner must spend time caring and grooming, daily grooming, avoiding clumps.

Husky dog’s nose

The color of the husky’s nose is determined by the coat color. In particular, the gray coat has a black nose, the black coat is brown, the brown fur is dark red, the white fur is light gray.

The husky nose is always wet and cool but the special thing here is that those lovely smells can change color over time. Most of the winter lacks light, their noses will be brown or pink, while in the summer will return to their original colors.

Husky dog’s ears and tail

Their tails are covered with very thick hairs, the white tip and slightly curved create a lovely looking spot. When moving, the husky will drop his tail.

Husky dog ​​tail is thick and hangs down

The husky ears are always rising, facing forward and having a triangle. Touching the hairs on the ears feels very soft, velvety and velvety.

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